Film Review: Equalizer 2 (2018)

As we all know, sequels are hard. Especially when you have to follow something as amazing as the first Equalizer movie.

This outing did not rise to the challenge.

Now, I love a Denzel movie. I’ve pretty much loved everything he’s been in. In fact I struggle to think of any of his past films that I didn’t like a lot.

However, I didn’t realise he’d never done a sequel to one of his movies before this one. Imagine that.

He should have maintained that winning streak, because this movie is a dull mixture of tired writing, cliche, moribund performances, bad special effects (appallingly, laughably bad in one case), and unnecessary violence.

Unnecessary violence in an Equaliser movie?? We expected this movie to be violent, it was part of the attraction of the first one. But this movie uses violence as a filler to mask over the cracks of an otherwise poor film.

The tension, the drama, the care the viewer has for the characters in the first film are all absent here.

I give this film a disappointing 5.5 / 10.