Film Review: Mission Impossible – Fallout (2018)


Everyone knows that intro, it’s unmistakeable. It’s Mission Impossible!

The first Mission Impossible was 1996. I KNOW! How did that happen, it seems like yesterday…

There have been six MI films since then. We’ve all seen what happens to film franchises as the sequels rack up right? I’ve written reviews on here lamenting the state of Jurassic Park, the Ocean’s franchise etc., and for the love of God no one bring up Highlander… There were no sequels to Highlander, okay!

So, life has taught us that MI films should have been awful for over a decade.

But they’re not.

Every single MI film is knocked out of the park. One of the greatest movie franchises of a generation, if not all time.

And this is no exception. In fact, it knocks it out of the park and over into the next country.

Tightly paced, well written, very well acted, self-effacing, funny, frightening, tender, explosive.

Loved every minute of it.

I give this movie 9.5/10.