Film Review: The Maze Runner – The Death Cure (2018)

Well, what can we say about the climax movie of a tried-and-tested franchise like The Maze Runner?

Okay special-effects, flimsy writing, middling acting.

Was it good? No, but it was enjoyable for what it was.

I’ve definitely seen worse in the genre. Mad Max: Fury Road anyone? I know it got great reviews, and it was about time we saw a credible and strong female lead in a blockbuster action movie, but really, apart from that and the special effects (which were awesome), it was terrible.

You’ll watch this movie, nibble on your popcorn, maybe with a glass or two of wine (you are watching this at home right, not paying premium ticket prices at the cinema?) and you won’t be bored. You won’t be particularly entertained either.

Not terrible, but instantly forgettable.

I give this film 5/10.