Film Review: Game Night (2018)

Sometimes a film comes along that is really, truly, laugh out loud funny. This is one of those films.

Max (Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) have regular game nights with their close group of friends, all very calm and easy going. When Max’s more successful, wealthier brother comes to town after a long absence, he offers to host a game night that will blow their socks off, and that will gain the winner a fabulous prize.

It’s murder-mystery evening, and when Max is kidnapped the group think it is all part of the game. But it’s not.

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams are perfectly cast together, sparking off each other with great comedic acting and equally great timing.

The supporting cast are also good, although I found the casting of Sharon Horgan to be jarring. She’s a great actor (anyone seen Catastrophe? If not, you should, it’s fantastic, and she and Rob Delaney are both brilliant), but she seem so out of place and out of alignment with the other characters.

The film is very well written, with many very funny moments that are well timed, and all help to move the plot along.

This is a great slapstick movie, one for the collection.

I give this a very well deserved 8.5 / 10.