Film Review: Ocean’s 8 (2018)

The original Ocean’s film (Ocean’s 11) was a great movie.

At the time (2001) it was something a bit different, a big names, big budget blockbuster with a great cast and great timing.

As with many great films it seems, the studio milked it across several sequels, producing weaker and weaker offerings each time, so by the end of it the entire trilogy was lessened some how.

So, a new Ocean’s film for the new millennium? An all female cast, and an awesome all female cast at that?! This should be great…

Was it? It was okay.

Well written, paced pretty well, with some good individual moments.

What’s lacking though is the spark between the characters. You never really feel that they like each other, or even that they are bonded together for a common goal. There always seems to be a tension between them, an unspoken animosity that stops the Ocean’s team from really being a team.

Was that due to bad acting? I don’t think so.

Bad casting? Possibly.

All individually strong, they don’t work together well, and I wonder if that is down to the relationship between the actors off-screen. At times I struggled to imagine them having an enjoyable dinner together, let alone pulling off a heist.

I give this movie 7.0/10.