Film Review: Ghost Stories (2018)

I had high hopes for this film. An interesting idea, at least it looked like it from the trailer. And what a cast!

It was, though, entirely unsatisfying.

The key aspect to any good scary movie is that it stays with you after the movie ends. You walk out of the dark cinema into the night with a growing sense of anxiety, looking left, looking right, peering repeatedly into the back seat of your car as you drive home.

This film doesn’t leave you with a lingering feeling of fear, it leaves you with a lingering feeling of disappointment.

Without giving any spoilers, watching this film is like standing next to a Michelin-starred chef while he prepares the most amazing meal you can imagine. The sights, the sounds, the smells are almost overwhelming, your mouth waters for the denouement, for that exquisite moment when everything comes together with a bang at the end and you experience the meal of your lifetime.

But in this case, you get a cold burger and a can of pop.

This film promised so much, and delivered so little. I feel cheated.

This film gets 2.0/10 for the cast alone.