Film Review: Black Panther (2018)

Black Panther is yet another movie in the MCU franchise. I’m not one for the MCU generally, as with Transformers I think the first in a series is often great, but the sequels are generally poor. MCU and Transformers are high-budget, low-brain movies, mostly about special effects and big bangs.

Black Panther definitely shares some of those problems, but as the first outing of this new franchise I think it was done well enough. The story is well paced, the characters are interesting, and it’s skipped-over backstory and technology-from-nowhere (where are the factories?) doesn’t detract from an action packed story.

It is though, standard superhero fare: unassuming hero, initially unwilling, rises to the challenge of greatness, overcoming his nemesis along the way. There is the obligatory big battle scene at the end, although it was actually more entertaining than others in the MCU stable.

I enjoyed it more than most MCU films I’ve seen, so I’d give it an easy 7.5/10.