Inactive Memory Problem With Photoshop CS6

I’ve been scanning several hundred postcards from the early 1900s recently. I’ve scanned them at as high a DPI and colour depth as I can to try to make the images as useful as possible in the future. Each image is about 1.2Gb. I’ve been editing each one in Photoshop CS6 to correct rotation, crop […]

Mapping Solution for OS X

Disclaimer – This posting is my personal view based on the information I have found to date – it does not represent the official views of Google Inc., and is not legal advice. You should seek guidance from Google Inc. for your individual application needs and circumstances. I’ve been working on my first OS X […]

Skynet… is that you?

Stumbled across this today. This is quite an amazing feat of engineering, very human in its movements. Can’t get away from the whole Terminator thing though. Half expected it to shout “come with me if you want to live”.

Setting up subversion on Mac OS X 10.5+

If you need a source control system (why wouldn’t you?) and you have a Mac, you have everything you need already built in. OS X ships with a Subversion (SVN) server and client by default. All you need to do is turn them on. Setting Up Subversion Server Create the following launchctl service definition file, […]